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Pub Quiz

by Admin Edatachase

Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz

  1. Where did the tradition of Apple Bobbing originate?
    1. America
    2. Rome
    3. Britain
    4. Brazil
  2. What percentage of apples grown in the UK are used for cider making?
    1. 26%
    2. 36%
    3. 46%
    4. 56%
  3. Does rum get drier with age or sweeter?
    1. Drier
    2. Sweeter
  4. What country has the highest per capita gin consumption?
    1. England
    2. Malaysia
    3. Holland
    4. The Philippines

(Answer: b. Rome. Apple Bobbing was a courting ritual during the celebrations to the goddess Pomona at the end of October. If two youths bit the same apple, they were destined to have a long and fruitful marriage)

(Answer: d. 56%)

(Answer: b. Sweeter)

(Answer: d. The Philippines. Apparently they consume 25 million cases of gin annually)


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