About our company

Courtney’s of Whimple was started by the Courtney family 10 years ago, when they started making Cider on their old Whiteways Orchard in Whimple, Devon. After 10 years of successfully making Cider, Paul wanted to expand his range and horizons, so created a new drinks brand called ‘Courtney’s, which explored new drinks that would complement the range.
Under Courtney’s the original Cider range has been expanded upon, offering everything from traditional through to fruit and low alcohol Ciders. Everything is natural; we don't spray or use fertilisers on our orchards. We encourage biodiversity and the birds, bees and our sheep maintain the pasture and fertilise the ground. Nature does what she does best! All of our apples are hand picked, pressed and bottled within the orchard where they are grown.
You can't get fresher than that!
In 2017, Paul and his business partner, Graham created the recipe for The Exe Gin.
After Paul and Graham gave their wives a sample of their first attempt, they were told by their wives that it tasted like battery acid. At this point, Paul and Graham challenged their wives, saying they bet they couldn’t make a better tasting Recipe. Paul and Graham joke, saying they should have called the Gin ‘Humble Pie’, as the recipe their wives made is today The Exe Gin recipe. You can find Graham’s wife’s signature (Sarah) on the bottle just to rub it in. They no longer make bets with their wives!
Inspiration was drawn from our surroundings and the beautiful scenery of The Exe Valley, running from deepest darkest Exmoor to Exmouth. The wildlife and picturesque beauty of this area inspired the bottle design and flavours. The name celebrates and pays homage to the Exe Valley.
The Exe Gin is a traditional Dry London Gin with a lovely Smooth taste. Delicately infused and traditionally distilled using a pot still. It has a great balance of spices and zesty citrus flavours. There are 12 botanicals used to make The Exe Gin, including juniper berries, lemon peel, orange, orris root powder and liquorice root powder. Our Gin is heavy on the liquorice which is what sweetens our gin and also heavy on grapefruit which gives it its punchy citrus flavour.
To add to the range of Ciders and Gin, we wanted to add another spirit to the mix.
Our Grumblebee Honey Spiced Rum is a West Indian Rum that we import and infuse with our own honey from our own hives on Exmoor on Black Cat Bridge. All of the bees in our hives are rescued from pest control and re-homed to our hives.