About our company

We live in one of the old Whiteways cider orchards Nr Whimple and after watching our apples travel miles to be processed and made into cider we decided it would be great for them to be grown, pressed, bottled and sold from the same location!

We are all passionate about our juice and we strive to produce quality products from our traditional westcountry cider orchards.

Everything is natural; we don't spray or use fertilisers on our orchards. We encourage biodiversity and the birds, bees and our sheep maintain the pasture and fertilise the ground. Nature does what she does best!

All of our apples are hand picked, pressed and bottled within the orchard where they are grown.

You can't get fresher than that!

We then developed our THE EXE GIN inspired by the River Exe and our Pure Green Tea....keep an eye out for whats next!