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Pub Quiz 7

by Admin Edatachase

Pub Quiz 7

  1. What flower are apples related to?
    1. Lilacs
    2. Magnolias
    3. Daisy
    4. Rose
  2. In 1664 John Evelyn wrote about the health benefits of drinking cider. Which of these did he NOT claim cider could do?
    1. Aid digestion
    2. Cleanses the stomach
    3. Strengthen the heart
    4. Prevents kidney stones
  3. What common word comes from the drinking of rum?
    1. Jingled
    2. Groggy
    3. Symposium
    4. Glorious
  4. Apart from juniper berries, what is the plant most often used in gin?
    1. Coriander
    2. Cumin
    3. Cardamon
    4. Cicely

(Answer: d) Rose. Apples are related to roses.)

(Answer: c) Strengthens the heart. John Evelyn said that ‘Generally all strong and pleasant cider excites and cleanses the Stomach, strengthens Digestion, and infallibly frees the Kidneys and Bladder from breeding the Gravel Stone’)

(Answer: b) Groggy. In the 18th and 19th centuries, grog was served on naval vessels to combat drunkenness (grog is rum mixed with water, lemon juice and sugar) but many sailors saved up their rations and got drunk on it and ended up feeling the effects of ‘grogginess’ the next day.

Jingled is an American term to describe being mildly drunk

Symposium comes from the Greek word meaning to drink together, or have a drinking party.

Glorious can be used to describe the funny stage of drunkenness. It is not a quantitative measure of drunkenness, but a qualitative one.)

(Answer: a) Coriander)


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