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Pub Quiz 6

by Admin Edatachase

Pub Quiz 6

  1. How old is an apple tree before it bears its first fruit?
    1. 2-3 years
    2. 3-4 years
    3. 4-5 years
    4. 5-6 years
  2. Which Roman Emperor (or more likely his army) took cider back to Rome after invading Britain?
    1. Julius Caesar
    2. Claudius
    3. Vespasian
    4. Agricola
  3. In the British Navy, a daily ration of rum was introduced in 1655. When was it abolished?
    1. 1900
    2. 1920
    3. 1950
    4. 1970
  4. It’s coming to the end of foraging season. What colour is sloe gin?
    1. Clear
    2. Dark red
    3. Bright blue
    4. Deep orange

(Answer: c) 4-5 years.)

(Answer: a) Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55BC, he and his army found the Celts making a drink out of fermented apples. They liked it as a drink and took it back to Rome as a better alternative to wine than beer)

(Answer: d) 1970!)

(Answer: b) dark red and delicious looking)


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