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Pub Quiz 5

by Admin Edatachase

Pub Quiz 5

  1. Where was Apple Pie invented?
    1. USA
    2. England
    3. Holland
    4. Poland
  2. Can you drink cider on a gluten free diet?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  3. What does “splice the mainbrace” mean in the context of rum?
    1. No more for me, thanks
    2. Shall I open a bottle?
    3. This is good rum!
    4. Go on, have another!
  4. I’m apparently on a nautical theme this week. Why was gin served on English Navy vessels in the 1800s?
    1. As an alternative to rum
    2. It helped prevent scurvy
    3. It was Admiral Nelson’s favourite drink

(Answer: b) England. The first recorded Apple Pie is from 1381 and includes figs, raisins, pears, apples and spices and was served in an inedible pastry known as ‘coffin’ pastry, which meant you could walk around with it and eat the filling as street food.)

(Answer: a) Yes. Proper Cider is always gluten free and is suitable for a gluten free or paleo diet.)

(Answer: d) Go on, have another! Splicing the mainbrace (repairing the ship’s main mast rigging) was a particularly onerous task, so sailors were given an extra dram of rum as a reward whenever they had to do it.)

(Answer: b) It helped prevent scurvy. Tangentially, at least. The English Navy developed the gimlet, a lime and gin cocktail, as a means of getting the sailors to get their daily lime juice (and prevent scurvy) and stop complaints. It worked. It also had the effect of ‘fortifying their spirit’. 


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