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Apple Cider Vinegar - 25cl

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Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for many health and culinary uses since ancient times. It is made from freshly crushed, hand picked apples that have been fermented naturally. Our Devon Apple Cider Vinegar is unpasteurised and is bottled complete with the natural 'Mother'.

Many of the apple cider vinegars that you will find in the health food shops and supermarkets have been pasteurised and filtered. This destroys and removes the 'Mother' (a ball of living enzymes that floats in the apple cider vinegar) and other nutrients. Also many of these vinegars are made from apples grown using harmful chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Not ours!

We don't spray or use fertilisers on our orchards. We encourage biodiversity and the birds, bees and our sheep maintain the pasture and fertilise the ground. Nature does what she does best! All of our apples are hand picked, pressed and bottled within the orchard where they are grown.

Contains absolutely no additives! The ACV is in its natural state, meaning that the 'Mother' is intact. This ball of beneficial living enzymes is rammed with goodness and is largely responsible for many of the beneficial properties of the vinegar.

Made in Whimple, Devon, on our ancient Whiteways Orchards.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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